Our Team - Introducing our CTO

December 19, 2023
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In this article our CTO Nick Doyle talks about his vision for Auderli and how he believes it can help people - even when they don't think they need it.

A little Introduction please Nick?

I’m Nick Doyle, I’m the CTO of Auderli and I live in Shoreham.

My passion is with start-ups.  I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm you get from people when you’re starting something new – something that doesn’t exist yet.  It’s exciting. I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few start-ups, after consulting for a few big names such as PwC and American Express.  I first met Steve Crouch, Auderli's founder, when we worked together in the founding team at Crunch in 2009.  We turned that into a hugely successful business.  Steve has been talking to me about the Auderli concept for years.  He first mentioned it over a breakfast meeting, and I bought in right from the start.  Last summer Steve called and asked me to put a team together... and here we are!

What made you want to work for Auderli?

Firstly, it was the chance to work with Steve again.  He certainly knows his stuff and I don’t doubt for a moment that he will make Auderli happen.  The concept made sense to me straight away.  A friend of mine was having problems going through probate for his parents at the time.  I saw all the problems he had gone through uncovering all their financial information and then getting access to it.  It ended up taking not months but years to sort out at a time when he was really grieving.  I saw how Auderli could have easily remedied his situation and I knew he wasn’t alone in finding the system a nightmare. This was just one way I knew we could help people.

What have been your biggest challenges?

One of the hardest things to do has been finding the right people to join our team.  It always takes time.  That said, it was all worth it.  I’m now lucky enough to work with a wonderful team, and the culture we have created is what I’m most proud of.   Over the last year, which hasn’t been easy for anyone, we’ve grown a great team, we all work from home, some of us have kids and work funny hours.  But it works brilliantly.  I’m really proud of that.

Where do you see Auderli in 5 years' time?

When we first started Crunch, no one could believe that we were trying to do accounting online.  It was slow to take off as a concept at first and when we got our first payment, we framed it.  We watched it really take off from there and before we knew it, Crunch was flying.  I see similar growth for Auderli.  I look forward to seeing the concept take off and Auderli become a leader in this space.  

Why should I use Auderli?

If you’re anything like most people (me included!) you might not be that organised when it comes to long term financial products like wills and investments.  Those who do actually set them up often subsequently forget about them.  Most people don’t know their net worth and if that’s you, you’ll most certainly benefit from Auderli.  It gets your life in order.

What's in your Auderli?

My daughter's antique violin. I won't say how much I paid for it! Let's just say it's a named item on the home contents insurance. But I couldn't be more proud that she learned to play a musical instrument, as it's something I always wanted to do but had no talent for. She started playing violin at a very young age and is now very good.

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