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Auderli is a secure, simple and intuitive app

to bring the art of life organisation and financial wellbeing to your fingertips.

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Why Auderli?

Save precious time

With all your important personal, financial, life and legacy admin in one, manageable space, you gain valuable time and avoid spending hours hunting for crucial documents.

Enhance financial wellbeing

Organising all your finances, everything you owe and own, in one secure space helps you make better financial decisions. Feel more confident and less overwhelmed about the future.

Peace of mind

Directly from the app, you can choose to share your important life information with loved ones or professional advisors, which feels incredibly reassuring. From your will to your finances, don't be the only one who knows where everything is!

Who will Auderli help?

Everyone needs to make life organisation a healthy habit. Life feels better when everything's in Auderli.

Individuals & Families

Maybe you live on your own or in a busy family. Perhaps you are a student, a carer, a teacher, an entrepreneur or an executive. Keeping on top of all your important life information is a challenge for everyone.

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Professional Advisors

If you are a solicitor, accountant or tax advisor, we help you connect with your clients. Supporting your clients to organise their important life information, providing a more secure way to share vital documents and offer better advice.

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Security is our top priority.

Using the same technology as global banks and governments, we guard your data so you always control it.

Security with Auderli
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Record & manage important information
Store key documents
Share with family and professionals
Collaborate with family & professionals
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Record up to 5 assets
Document storage (up to 10 files)
Store & share will information
Share with family & professionals
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Billed yearly
£49.99 / year


Billed every month

Unlimited record of important information
Unlimited document storage
Share with family/professionals
Colloborate with family & professionals
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Record & manage important information

Keep a record of all of life's important information. For example, your home, mortgage, savings, pensions or the location of your original will. All in one secure place.

Store key documents

Upload supporting important documents. For example, copies of house deeds, mortgage agreements, share certificates or a copy of your will.

Share with family & professionals

Share details of your important financial, legacy or personal information with loved ones, the executor of your will, or professional advisors.

Collaborate with family & professionals

Allow family, trusted individuals or professionals to help manage your portfolio.

Partner marketplace

From accounting and banking, to wills and probate, our partners are established and trusted in their field. By choosing an Auderli partner you can relax knowing you're in safe hands.

Frequently asked questions

Can I share my portfolio with an advisor?

Yes. Once you've added your data you can share it with accountants, financial advisors or mortgage browkers. This can save you a huge amount of time when applying for mortgages, doing account or getting loans. Learn more >

No they can't, your data is encrypted and stored securely.

Your name and contact details are stored separately to your financial information so all the information we keep on line is anonymous and can't be tracked back to an individual. We're not interested in your assets. Our focus is making it easy for people to organise their financial assets.

Do I have to pay to use Auderli?

No we have a free plan but if you want more features, sharing permission, privacy option and for people to collaborate with you on your account then try out our essential paid plan.

How can I access my account?

Auderli is an app that you access online. You'll need to set up an account either online or within the Auderli app on your phone or tablet. To use Auderli will require an internet connection.

How can I cancel my Auderli subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to:

  • Add assets and liabilities if you have more than 5 in your Auderli account; having everything saved in Auderli means you can keep track of your full net worth or ensure loved ones/professional advisors know all that you have and where it is
  • Upload files if you have more than 10; having all related files stored alongside your items in Auderli saves time and effort so you don't have to search for them in multiple places every time you need them
  • Allow others to add to or edit your portfolio; enabling others to update your portfolio for you takes the pressure off.

You can cancel your Auderli subscription in a number of ways depending on how you originally paid.
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How do I manage my Auderli subscription?

You can manage your Auderli subscription in a number of ways depending on how you originally paid.
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How secure is Auderli?

Auderli has been built by a team of experts in the UK who have the experience to deliver life changing technology. We have built our technology with security as our foundation.

When you build technology like Auderli, you use component parts, as you would when building a car or a house. We have chosen to use the very best parts available. Our security components are continuously advanced by the world's top engineering minds from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla and many more and stress tested regularly to mitigate the the risks of a cyber breach. We have chosen to invest in the very best technology used by banks & governments throughout the world so our users can feel secure and protected.

Is Auderli free?

Yes, we offer a light version of Auderli on a free plan. It's perfect for people who have a few asset and want to keep them organised in one place.

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I’m the one in my family who looks after all the important paperwork. Knowing that everything is neatly organised in one place in case I am ever not here to deal with it really puts my mind at rest. I would hate for my kids to be left with a mess to clear up.

Annie, Auderli user
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