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It's one thing knowing how to make investments, grow businesses or plan for the future, but organising it all is another thing entirely. Auderli was created by a tax specialist to help clients manage their portfolios and make more of their assets and investments. See what Auderli can do for you.

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Relax. Everything is in Auderli.

Everything in one, safe place

Keep all your financial files and important life documents together in one safe place. Auderli is as safe as the technology that you trust to look after your money. It’s the same technology that global banks, governments and companies trust to keep their data secure.

Organised files and documents, relax.

Know Your Net Worth

Uploading your assets and liabilities takes no time at all, and you'll instantly see your net worth, allowing you to make better financial judgements and plan better for the future.

Share safely with those you trust

Share your portfolio with a partner to see a joint view of your finances, open it up to a chosen professional who can advise you better, or give access to your Executor, a lifeline if ever you're not around.

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So easy to share documents in Auderli.

Understand Your Tax Liability

With everything in one place your advisor can give you a much clearer picture of your tax liability making sure nothing is missed and there are no nasty surprises.

There's no feeling like it. Because life's so much better when things are in Auderli

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Record & manage important information
Store key documents
Share with family and professionals
Collaborate with family & professionals
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Record up to 5 assets
Document storage (up to 10 files)
Store & share will information
Share with family & professionals
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Billed every month

Unlimited record of important information
Unlimited document storage
Share with family/professionals
Colloborate with family & professionals
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Record & manage important information

Keep a record of all of life's important information. For example, your home, mortgage, savings, pensions or the location of your original will. All in one secure place.

Store key documents

Upload supporting important documents. For example, copies of house deeds, mortgage agreements, share certificates or a copy of your will.

Share with family & professionals

Share details of your important financial, legacy or personal information with loved ones, the executor of your will, or professional advisors.

Collaborate with family & professionals

Allow family, trusted individuals or professionals to help manage your portfolio.

Partner marketplace

From accounting and banking, to wills and probate, our partners are established and trusted in their field. By choosing an Auderli partner you can relax knowing you're in safe hands.
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Auderli for me is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can keep stock of all my valuables in a single place as well as having all my important documents uploaded and safe such as insurance and wills. First class app.

Kevin, Auderli customer
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