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Setting off on the right foot with your finances is so important. Being organised right from the start leads to better financial planning, clever decision making and financial wellbeing. It's a doddle to get started with Auderli and totally FREE

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The quick, simple, secure life management app

Start strong

Your late teens is the perfect time to start getting organised financially and creating your portfolio. Auderli allows you to keep everything important in one place, that may be your savings, student loan, bike or car details, or important personal items.

Organised files and documents, relax.

Build as you go

You can add everything into Auderli along with the supporting documents. Everything is stored securely in the cloud. You can see a view of all your finances together, making it much easier to plan. Then add things in as you and your finances grow.

Ready to share

With everything in one place, Auderli summarises everything to show net worth at the touch of a button.

Looking at memories.
So easy to share documents in Auderli.

Be in control

It's a doddle to use. Because Auderli does the hard bit for you. Breaking everything down into bite-sized manageable chunks. Get total peace of mind knowing that you're in control of your finances and your finances aren't controlling you.

There’s no feeling like it. Because life’s so much better in Auderli.

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Record & manage important information
Store key documents
Share with family and professionals
Collaborate with family & professionals
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A great way to begin

Record up to 5 assets
Document storage (up to 10 files)
Store & share will information
Share with family & professionals
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Billed every month

Unlimited record of important information
Unlimited document storage
Share with family/professionals
Colloborate with family & professionals
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Record & manage important information

Keep a record of all of life's important information. For example, your home, mortgage, savings, pensions or the location of your original will. All in one secure place.

Store key documents

Upload supporting important documents. For example, copies of house deeds, mortgage agreements, share certificates or a copy of your will.

Share with family & professionals

Share details of your important financial, legacy or personal information with loved ones, the executor of your will, or professional advisors.

Collaborate with family & professionals

Allow family, trusted individuals or professionals to help manage your portfolio.

Partner marketplace

From accounting and banking, to wills and probate, our partners are established and trusted in their field. By choosing an Auderli partner you can relax knowing you're in safe hands.
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It feels like the big important stuff is years away, but before you know it, the paperwork mounts up and there’s stuff everywhere. It’s a horrible feeling. Theres absolutely no need for that to happen. It’s true, you might not have as much to put into Auderli as your older friends or relatives. But adding in your important information right from the start not only gives you total peace of mind that you’re being sensible, it’s also totally FREE.

Steve Crouch, Founder
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