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Sharing the details in my Auderli account

Sharing is one of Auderli's superpowers. Once you have created your portfolio and added your information, you are able to share your details.

Open up your portfolio to your spouse for them to see shared financial information, share with your trusted advisor to discuss your details more easily, or perhaps offer a view to your attorney should they need to access your information. All at the touch of a button. It’s easy, fast and intuitive to use.

You can invite those you wish to view/edit your portfolio of assets and liabilities, alongside any related files you have uploaded.

You can also choose to share any Will information you have added.

If you change your mind at any point, you can remove access quickly and easily from a full list of everyone you have chosen to share with.

Sharing is available from the menu in your portfolio. Portfolios shared with you will also appear here.

Simply click on the 'Share' button to invite someone to view your portfolio. You can choose 'Manage sharing' to remove people from your sharing list.

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