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Storing Data Securely

All the data we store at Auderli uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. We only ask for the information needed to store your portfolio on our system, we don’t ask for your usernames and passwords.

To increase our security levels, your name and email address are stored securely in a database that’s totally separate and without connection to the database that stores your financial information.

There’s no link between the two, so even the folks at Auderli can’t link your information with your contact details. And when your information is being seamlessly added to our databases, Auderli uses Secure Socket Layers encryption to protect data in transit between our app and our servers.

Our applications and infrastructure are regularly stress tested for security vulnerabilities. Auderli commits to continuously advancing our security to the very highest of levels to ensure our users can trust Auderli with their most important life documents.

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