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Storage: Old Vs New

Most people currently keep their most important documents either in their email, printed off in folders, or perhaps in a drawer. Perhaps the drawer is locked and perhaps the documents are kept in a safe under lock and key or pin code.

Auderli is most certainly safer than the drawer. It's as safe as your email. Auderli is definitely safer than a printed-off-put-in-a-folder document as the chances of someone hacking into our multi-layered, 256-bit encryption security far exceed the chance of your paper based copy being stolen or mislead.

But Auderli is more than all of that. Auderli is as safe as the technology that you trust to look after your money – in the bank. It’s the same technology that global banks, governments and some of the worlds hugest conglomerates trust to keep their data secure.

Remember; Auderli may show you details from your bank accounts or pension, but at no point are you able to access any of your money via Auderli. That is still done with those companies directly.

Auderli is simply a vault for the documents that reflect those accounts. It stores everything in one place for a holistic view of your financials, but you, nor anyone at Auderli can access those accounts.

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