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How we keep your account safe and secure

There are many things we do to keep your account and your portfolio safe. These are some of the important ones.

Passcodes give you a secure way of accessing your account

With passcodes, only you can log in to Auderli. That’s because we email you a unique code every time you log in. We don’t ask you for a password, so it can't be guessed or stolen.

Just make sure that you never give anyone access to your email, as that’s your key to Auderli.

Multi-factor authentication provides extra confidence it’s you

Enabling MFA on your account will add an extra layer of security.

When you set up MFA you will be asked to register your Auderli account with an Authenticator app. You can use one like Microsoft or Google authenticator. This means that nobody will be able to access your account without the Authenticator app on your phone.

Steps you can take to keep your account safe

Keeping your personal information safe is our top priority – but there are lots of things you can do to stay safe too.

  • Enable multi-factor authentication
  • Don’t let anyone know how to unlock your phone
  • Never give anyone access to your email account
  • Keep your email account secure by using all the security options available
  • Delete all content and settings from old phones you’re selling so you don’t leave any accounts open to those who buy it

All emails from us will always come from an '' email address. You can check the sender's email address by hovering over their name in your emails. If ever you're unsure, forward them on to us at

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