Our Team - Introducing our Head of Marketing

June 6, 2023

Hannah talks about her role and why working for a start up is so exciting.

A little Intro please?  

I’m Hannah and I live with my husband and two kids in a village in Sussex.  I’m the Head of Marketing at Auderli.  I’ve been working in Marketing for over 20 years now and I don't know where the time has gone. I was there for the start of online marketing and watched the start of social media marketing, it's been a really exciting career.  I’ve worked across a number of industries including hospitality, the job market and interior design.  I love what I do and feel very lucky that I get to call it work.

At Auderli I'm responsible for marketing and communications. I've worked with our branding agency to bring Auderli to life from quite a complex idea to something everyone can understand. My job is to make sure that the brand and our messaging is clear and consistent and that we then get that message out to our audience of potential users.

What made you want to work for Auderli?

I’ve always bought into the people that I work with and at Auderli that was definitely the case.  Steve had me bought in within about five minutes of talking to him!  His enthusiasm is infectious, and the product is awesome, I'm so proud to be involved. Being part of a start-up is really exciting. The passion and excitement of the team is both really rewarding and a massive driver for me.

What are you most proud of?

I think it must be the culture that we’ve created.  It’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.  We’re a small team of specialists who work hard and respect each other.  We've each gone from running teams of people to working on our own and rolling up our sleeves. We work together and we make sure we work it out; quickly and efficiently. That's hugely rewarding for me. We all work flexibly; we all love what we do and we’re all really driven to see Auderli succeed.  I’m really proud to be a part of that.  I know Auderli will be a huge success and I believe that a big part of that is down to the culture of the business.  

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge with any start up can often be the limited budgets. For me this is my favourite part - when you really know your product inside out, it's about finding the most cost efficient ways to spend the budget you have. More often than not you don't need to blow huge sums of money to get the desired effect, and I can't bear waste. There are so many ways to market a product these days and being creative with how we pull those strings is what I love about marketing. My goal is to drive my most efficient marketing strategy to date for Auderli.

What’s your favourite Auderli feature?

I’m a big fan of all the features but for me it would have to be the sharing element of Auderli that I’m most impressed with.  My husband is the one in our family that looks after all the life admin, so for him to be able to organise that in Auderli and then share it with me is great.  He’s always careful that he’s left everything well organised in case anything was ever to happen to him.  Auderli gives us both that piece of mind.  

What’s in your Auderli?  

My Grandma’s engagement ring. She gave it to me when I was 21 and as it turns out it was just before she died.  We were so close and I’m so honoured to have it.  My husband snuck it in his bag down to Devon and used it to propose, so its priceless in my book.  It’s in my will to pass down to my daughter and my Auderli as a very special asset.

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