Our Team - Introducing our new Senior Developer

April 25, 2023

Paul Taras talks to us about his first three months working with the team and why Auderli is the perfect fit for him.

A little intro please Paul?

Hi, I'm Paul, I'm extremely passionate about development having got hooked on programming after writing code from magazines and computer manuals on a Commodore 64. I'm a senior developer, having worked for a variety of SME's in different industries predominantly in the web world.

What made you want to work for Auderli?

Having worked for start-ups previously, I was extremely impressed with Nick and Mark's explanation of the set up phase that was in place before I started. It was very clear that the technologies chosen for Auderli were well selected and bedded in ready to develop from day one. Having worked remotely for the past 2 years, I had made my mind up that I wanted to continue working this way. So Auderli seemed a perfect fit. After working at Auderli for 3 months, I haven't been disappointed with my choice and the whole team are amazing and a pleasure to work with.

What are you most proud of?

Looking back at my career I have many experiences and stories, but my biggest achievement so far would be the first twelve months at a start-up called Zengenti.
With the two founders and a handful of developers, we produced a CMS product called Contensis that we launched at the Internet World Show at Earl's Court in 2003. The team demonstrated the CMS and it went down a storm leading the way for it to be a significant player in the UK University and Local Government markets. My only regret is that I didn't have the confidence at the time to engage more with the visitors at the show.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Leading on from that regret, over time I built confidence through practice and tuition at Zengenti, and developed the ability to present and demonstrate the product to prospective buyers. I proudly became an important part of the sales team and the technical consultant.

What’s your favourite Auderli feature?

Auderli is developing into a fantastic finance management tool, with its ability to organise your assets and liabilities with accompanying documentation. The feature I like the most is the joint asset option that automatically allocates the percentage of each asset/liability to each owner. Having lots of joint assets with my wife it does the division for you.

What’s in your Auderli?

I have a large garden so I have listed my garden tools, including a cheeky ride on lawnmower, not that I ever go on it as it's my wife's favourite job creating piles of grass for me to collect.

By listing out the items, I have realised that the lawnmower isn't covered by my house contents insurance so I have found separate insurance in the event we are broken into. Rural crime is rife in our area so we are taking no risks.

How can Auderli help?

Auderli is an essential tool in the modern age where we have so many financial activities and complexities. It is advantageous to get insurance quotes 21 days before renewal, and planning for the future with five pensions, two life insurances, two properties and children from different marriages can be really complex. Having everything in one place means that regular personal finance management and specialist meetings for tax and estate planning can all be made smoother and I will save money in the process.

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