Our Team- Introducing our Marketing & Communications Assistant

June 6, 2023

Our Marketing & Communications Assistant, Rianna Barnett, discusses her time so far working for Auderli and why it has been a great learning experience.

An intro please Rianna?

Hi I'm Rianna, I'm 22 and I live near Hastings. I have been Auderli's Marketing & Communications Assistant since February 2022, and it's my job to create and post the majority of the content you see on our social media and blogs. Previously I have been a Bookseller, an Event Decorator and even ran my own small handmade jewellery business which is where I gained my love for digital design and marketing. My favourite things include reading, yoga, my dog Margot, Chinese food and crocheting.

What made you want to work for Auderli?

I did an internship in the summer of 2021, and my boss told me about a company she was working with called Auderli. After talking with her about it, I knew I wanted in! It sounded like a unique concept and a really close-knit team which is something I value. I had never worked for a start-up before but it feels so rewarding getting to see a business grow from the ground up.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of getting my degree! I had to carry out the final year of my studies online in the pandemic, and it was difficult to get the same level of teaching and support as I would have in person. I attended many Zoom seminars and worked tirelessly on my essays and dissertation, which all paid off when I found out I had gotten a first.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Working for Auderli has been a positive challenge for me in so many ways. I have recently been building the ads that are now driving new users to Auderli, and it has been a steep learning curve to understand what people want to see in the companies that they trust. I have learned so much from the Auderli team, and everyone is so willing to spread their knowledge to newbies like me.

What’s your favourite Auderli feature?

Being able to upload your documents. It's so innovative, especially if you have limited space in your home to keep bits of paper everywhere. Auderli solves this and makes it much easier to find the documents you need, when you need them.

What’s in your Auderli?

My little Citroën C1. It might be tiny but it was the first big investment that I made! It's useful to be able to keep track of my insurance documents too.

How can Auderli help?

I think Auderli will become indispensable for many people as a financial management tool. It will help reduce stress by increasing the accessibility of an organised lifestyle. Not to mention, it helps you to realise that your hard work is paying off, as you can see your net-worth increase over time. I'm very excited for the new features that will be rolled out in the future!

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